How to become a lawyer in France

How do I become a lawyer in France?

The provisions of Article 11 of the Law of 31 December 1971 and Article 100 of the Decree of 27 November 1991 allow Australian lawyers to be registered with  a French Bar after passing an examination on French law.

The request to sit the examination should be directed to: Mr. President of the National Council of Bars – 22, rue de Londres – 75009 Paris.

The application is free. A meeting is held each month except August.

If the application is not successful, the applicant can appeal the decision before the Court of Appeal of Paris.

If successful, the candidate is then allowed to take an exam at the École de formation des barreaux (EFB, Paris) or the Haute école des avocats conseils (HEDAC, Versailles). Each of these centres hold one session of examinations per year: March-April for EFB, and in November for HEDAC. The registration fee was €900 on 1 January 2013.

Passing Article 100 exams allows the candidate to apply for registration with a French Bar and practise, after taking an oath, as a French lawyer.

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